The Great American Eclipse of 2017 from Michael Zeiler on Vimeo.

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According to one database, the year 310 AD was the last time the confluence of the North Platte and South Platte rivers experienced a total solar eclipse! You don’t want to miss the one upcoming!

Where is the best place in the world to experience the 2017 total solar eclipse and immerse yourself in the local culture of the great American west? West central Nebraska – specifically the area around North Platte! With abundant comfortable accommodations, pristine scenery, dark skies and exciting attractions, you can be assured of a “stellar” eclipse experience. West central Nebraska is a safe, easily accessible, mobile-friendly destination with great weather prospects that will experience a long duration, and offers great accommodations and plenty of diversionary activities. Begin planning now to make west central Nebraska your destination for the 21 August 2017 total solar eclipse. Former North Platte resident Derryl Barr, an amateur astronomer and avid eclipse chaser put together this presentation and is helping North Platte develop its eclipse event.

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